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Empowering The People That Spur Our Success

We want our people to start each day with a sense of optimism and recognise the many opportunities they may gain through their work with us. We believe that our people form the foundation for our successes and we emphasise on supporting the development of our workforce in tandem with the company’s growth. We believe in providing our people with sustainable career paths filled with lifelong prospects to learn new skills and develop valuable competencies.

Developing exceptional leaders is a priority at Allied Hori. We do not only focus on enhancing skills and professional job-related knowledge but encourage progress through growth experiences and relationship building to holistically support your career.


If you aspire to maximize your professional potential, we offer exciting opportunities in our integrated facilities that will provide you with diverse and enriching career experiences.

At our company, we highly prioritize work ethics that include integrity, respect, responsibility, dedication, commitment in delivering, excellence in quality,  collaboration, and innovation. If you embody these values, you could be the candidate that we are seeking for.

Internship - Diploma & Degree Programmes

The Allied Hori Internship Program is an engaging platform specifically created to offer undergraduates from various academic backgrounds the opportunity to gain practical industry experience. Participants will have the chance to actively contribute to various aspects of company operations.

To ensure the internship program’s effectiveness, we have incorporated three key objectives:

  1. Bridging Theory and Practice: The program aims to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application in the industry, allowing participants to enhance their understanding and competency.

  2. Rapid Learning Curve: Through the program, participants will acquire valuable knowledge, skills, the right mindset in enabling them to accelerate their learning process and adapt quickly to real-world scenarios.

  3. Talent Identification: The program serves as a pathway to identify potential talents for our talent strategy. Exceptional participants may be considered for future employment opportunities within the organization.

To apply for the program, please proceed with the application process.

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